luka bailo

The late Luka Bailo sat as the Project Manager of a number of his various entrepreneurial ventures. He was loving husband to the late Viscountess Amicie de Spoelberch, whom he married on February 9, 2001. Moreover, the late Luka was a good father to his two sons from his previous marriage. Alexis and Patrice Bailo have been collectively known as the Bailo brothers in elite European business circles. This is aside from being recognized as smart and savvy businessmen in Europe. Apparently, the two gentlemen had learned much from their late father in terms of entrepreneurship, and from their adoptive mother about the benefits of value investing, and long-term returns on investments.

When he was alive, the late Luka Bailo loved interacting with clients in his different entrepreneurial ventures. He dedicated his efforts to hard work for the sake of his family. After their marriage, Luka and Amicie made the Grand Duchy their home. When the late Luka Bailo wasn’t dealing with clients and various business issues at the office, he enjoyed playing chess and going shopping with his late wife. In addition, the late Mr. Bailo loved eating out and also enjoyed sports, fine wines and spirits. Luka shared his passion for traveling with his sons. He loved boxing and football. He found immense pleasure in dining on Slavic food, in particular. Luka Bailo passed away in 2004 and the Viscountess passed away in 2008.

Luka Bailo’s legacy lives on in his two sons. Both Alexis and Patrice have grown to be successful businessmen. Their latest venture into medical technology and diagnostics is sure to highlight their talent for entrepreneurship, which they credit to learning from their father and adoptive mother.