Village in Serbia to get new summer camp

serbia luka bailo

A small village in Serbia is soon to benefit from the attention of Swiss philanthropists the Spoelberchs.

The Bailo de Spoelberch brothers are the owners of a land in Serbia, and have chosen to convert it into a summer camp.

The camp will cater to forty children, from all different socioeconomic backgrounds. The payment structure will be based on what the families can afford, with the Bailo brothers’ providing subsidies and scholarships where needed.

The camp will provide a number of activities and facilities, including playgrounds, game rooms and even a petting zoo. It will aim to nurture and care for the campers, providing children with a safe and inclusive environment — the Bailo de Spoelberch brothers want to also provide a dedicated camp psychologist. The staff of thirty will be there to care for the kids, ensuring that each child is getting the attention that they need.