Serbian descent, Luka Bailo

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Of Serbian descent, Luka Bailo was a qualified engineer and entrepreneur. A Belgian national, Mr. Bailo had two sons, Patrice and Alexis. Luka Bailo and the Viscountess de Spoelberch were married on February 9, 2001. Following their marriage, Luka and Amicie had taken residence in the Grand Duchy. Amicie adopted Luka’s sons as her legal heirs.

The de Spoelberch family has always been a generation deeply involved in countless large-scale business ventures the world over. The de Spoelberch family is one of three major family stakeholders in the world’s largest brewery firm, Anheuser-Busch InBev NV (AB InBev). AB InBev is a multinational beverage and brewing company. Its global headquarters are in Leuven, Belgium. The company has been committed to driving growth that leads to better living for more people in more places. It has also been consistently committed to helping retailers, farmers and entrepreneurs grow.

Luka’s sons, Patrice and Alexis, recognized as successful businessmen in the European business sector, share their father’s ability to enter into profitable ventures. Their most recent venture is in the medical technology and diagnostics sector. It’s an at-home testing venture for various ailments and diseases, specifically cancers and STIs. Both the Viscountess and Luka would be immensely proud if they could witness how their sons have been able to build a name for themselves through hard work and passion for business.

Mr. Bailo was the Project Manager of a number of entrepreneurial ventures. When he wasn’t dealing with clients and business matters at the office, Luka Bailo went to play chess or to do shopping.

Luka Bailo passed away in 2004 and the Viscountess passed away in 2008.